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We provide Proof of Funds for our clients who need to finish their business
acquisition or other transaction and would like to indicate greater financial

We have the ability to contract for the issuance of certificates of deposit, bank
guarantees and standby letters of credit that are cash-backed from top 25 banks.  In
order to perform this, you have to be next to an investor who has a very large balance
sheet and the ability to lend out its assets.  

What makes this collateral so strong is that the instrument will be in the name of the
Beneficiary, is fully lienable, collateralizable, callable, corporately transferable and
corporately assignable.   

Where most deals fall apart is that they require a bank undertaking that says the bank will
return the instrument back at maturity, very few banks will do this.   

These instruments only require a "Corporate Undertaking" between the Beneficiary and
our company.  You will not find this any other place in the market!!!!

Minimum of $10 million instrument.

Types of Bank Debt Instruments

1. Standby Letter of Credit Sample Text

2. Bank Guarantee Sample Text

3. Certificate of Deposit Sample Text

4. Cash Collateral Account Sample Text

Our clients are advised to complete the following first before contracting with us

A.  Submit their project to their banker/lender’s credit department and compliance
department for approval as outlined below.

The following must be included as part of the closing

B. Client must ask his banker/lender for the instrument text which is acceptable to the
bank/lender or submit one of the instrument texts below to their banker/lender for pre-

1. Standby Letter of Credit

2. Bank Guarantee

3. Certificate of Deposit

4. Cash Collateral Account

1. The banker/lender understands that the proposed instrument is in the second lien
position only;
2.  The banker/lender agrees to open and activate the line of credit and the only
condition that remains open for the client that must be satisfied to access the said funds
from the loan or line of credit is the presentation of the instrument through final delivery
utilizing the exact and specific closing procedures that must be executed by the clients

These specific closing procedures are used because it mitigates some of the risk to the
investor that the instrument being called. It also keeps the entire transaction within the
banking system so there can never be any confusion whatsoever about what might have
been said or previously agreed upon.

The procedures are simple:

Send to us via e-mail:

1. Letter of Intent requesting an instrument that states:

Size of instrument
Text of instrument
Term of instrument
Type of instrument
Bank they want it issued from.
Bank coordinates where they will want the instrument sent or if they want it blocked for
the benefit of [name of bank or lending company] and in favor of [name of client]. The
Instrument can only be delivered once, so please pay special attention to this.  
What you plan on using the instrument for i.e. loan in place and is it additional collateral
etc.  Brief breakdown of their transaction and I mean brief (one paragraph).  

2. Documentation that demonstrates you have the issuance fee which is approximately
5% of the instrument size you require for your transaction.

3. Completed application
(click here) with supporting documentation.

4. We will then get you pricing for the exact instrument and an issuance fee quote.

6- We will then sign a contract with you to supply the instrument.

It normally takes 5-7 International Banking from the time we receive the issuance fee.We
prefer to leave the instrument lodged at the issuing bank and block for the transaction
however it may be delivered.

Contact us today to schedule a conference call with your agent and your banker or

                                Call 1800-536-4273

The Necessity of an Upfront Arrangement Fee

This is typically a "funds first" transaction. Because of the considerable costs involved in
providing Proof of Funds we cannot initiate the procedure without an upfront fee. We will
only accept a delay of payment until your other transaction closes in rare cases, and in
those cases our fee will double or triple.

The fee is paid into a third-party escrow account so you are protected. You remain in
control of the funds until you verify the account and balance exists.

We use a third-party escrow company as the escrow agent. Fees need to be deposited
into an escrow account prior to bank account creation. Once you receive the bank
account letter, you then authorize the release of the fees held in escrow. This ensures
that all parties perform as agreed.
What Does Proof Of
Funds - POF Mean?

A document that
demonstrates that a
person has the ability
and funds available to
use for a transaction. It
usually comes in the
form of a bank, security
or custody statement.
The purpose of the
document is to ensure
that the funds required
for the transaction are
obtainable and

Now we also offer POF
accounts with SWIFT
MT-760 blocking!
Perfect for people
wanting to go into
private placement
programs. By the way,
we currently have one
program that accepts
leased funds of $50M+
into their
PPP trade.

Proof of Funds Program Highlights:

• Accounts available from $100K to $5
• Money Market and Bank account options
• No Credit Check Required
• Client participates as account holder
• Low monthly rates

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