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We're here to help small businesses like yours get must needed cash fast!

At CITI Prime Group, we recognize that the conventional commercial loan market may not offer many small business
owners access to the capital they need to keep their businesses strong and help them grow. CITI Prime Group has a
number of financing products for small businesses, one of them being a traditional small business loan. It doesn't
matter if your business has bad credit or that you can't seem to find funding from banks, we will help your small
business find the funding you need. Fill out our short application and we'll have a funding specialist contact you

Business Cash Advances

Many businesses just like yours are seeking funding. Apply now. It's quick and easy!
Small Business Merchant Cash Advances provide small and medium-sized businesses with a simple way of obtaining
capital. Many small businesses aren't afforded the ability to obtain traditional financing….especially in the current
economic environment. We will help you obtain the capital you need to run and grow your business.

Cash Advances offer a few unique benefits that are not available from traditional lenders and other financing
sources. Although your personal credit may be reviewed during the underwriting process, in no way will a low credit
score automatically prevent you from obtaining a Cash Advance. Additionally, unlike traditional financing methods, a
Cash Advance can be secured in less than 4 days in many instances. Additionally, there are no restrictions on the
use of the proceeds from a Cash Advance.

Finally, and most importantly, a Cash Advance does not have set monthly payments. Rather, it is paid back only as
you receive money in your business (i.e. when business is strong, you will pay more of your advance…..when
business is slow, you will pay less of your advance). This ensures that your business's cash flow is not strained.

Unsecured Loans

Our no collateral loans are perfect for all types of business. Apply Now.
Another option for your small business is an unsecured loan. An unsecured loan requires no collateral and is based
solely on your credit rating. It is also called a signature loan. At Citi Prime Group, you will find unsecured loan
programs for people with good credit, bad credit seeking unsecured loans for their businesses. An unsecured loan
does not require any cash, home equity, personal, or business assets of any kind. Should you default on the loan,
your property and/or assets are protected

Even if you have been denied a small business loan, you may still qualify and be preapproved for a business cash
advance in as little as 24 hours. Unlike bank loans, our merchant cash advances provide financing based on future
credit card sales.

If your business accepts credit cards and processes at least $5,000/month, qualifying for a business cash advance is

How Does Merchant Cash Advancing Work?

A Merchant Cash Advance is specifically designed for credit card processing merchants, which explains why your
application, review, receivables and process of renewing flow easily in credit card factoring your sales. Our clients
have great things to say about our merchant cash advance services, mostly because our merchant cash advance
service is tailored to suit all that your business needs.

Day 1 - Submit Your Merchant Cash Advance Application

Simply fill out our online merchant cash advance application and one of our business merchant cash
advance specialists will call you within 24 hours. The specialist assigned to your business will explain our
merchant cash advance credit card factoring program in full.

Day 2 - Submission of Merchant Cash Advancing Paperwork

Fill out and submit the two page merchant cash advance application.
Your merchant cash advance will ask for the past six months of your merchant account statements.
Bank Statements (preferably 2 months if possible).
Copy of Drivers License or Passport or Government issued ID for your merchant cash advance.
Voided Check & Your Business Lease if possible for fast capital merchant cash advance approval.

Day 3 & Day 4: Your Merchant Cash Advance Review Period

Your assigned specialist determines the amount your Merchant Cash Advance you are eligible for. The specialist will
inform you of the exact payback amount, and all options available to you.

Day 5: Get Your Merchant Cash Advance

After accepting your merchant cash advance, your cash can be wired to your bank account within 24
hours (or priority mailed via cashiers check). The amount is determined by the amount of credit card
processing your business has completed in the past 6 months, we use credit card factoring for your fast

Something to Consider When Obtaining A Merchant Cash Advance For Your Business.

Merchant Cash in Advance is willing to also purchase up to $500,000 of your future credit card processing sales at a
discounted rate. This basically means that it is possible to receive a merchant cash advance of $500,000 - with no
interest, because it is an unsecured business loan.

Unlike small business loans, your repayment occurs automatically via daily credit card processing after we wire you
your merchant cash advance. Keep in mind, you never repay us on your own, we simply take a small percentage of
your credit card processing until the entire merchant cash advance is paid off.

Keep in mind, your Merchant Cash Advance can always be renewed or changed every two to three months, this is
entirely up to you. Since we use credit card factoring of your credit card processing sales, this doesn`t require any an
extra application.
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Same Day Merchant Cash Advance

We are a DIRECT Merchant Cash in Advance
Lending SourceWe Merchant

Cash Advance ALL Businesses, Large or
Small99% Merchant Cash Advance

Approval RateWe Offer $500,000

Working Capital in 48 HoursThe BEST way to
EXPAND Your Busines0% Interest for our
Credit Card Factoring

Merchant Cash AdvancesWe Are the

LARGEST Merchant Cash Advance Loan
Factoring Providers in the Country

Citi Prime Group diverse in-house origination capabilities, encompassing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, Hard Money, Hedge Funds, conduit, bridge,
mezzanine, and balance sheet whole loans,CitiGroup provides the capacity to structure deals to meet the customized needs of our borrower. This has been
realized in the steady growth of our origination portfolio - with approximately $1.1 billion in closed loans in 2004, $2.5 billion in 2005, and approximately $3
billion in both 2006 and 2007 with our affiliates Lenders.
We manage the entire loan process from application to securitization and beyond, we remain highly attentive to our borrower’s complex needs throughout
the life of the loan, combining the benefits of our capital markets expertise with the approach of a portfolio lender.
The synergistic combination of commercial real estate lending, servicing, special servicing, capital markets expertise and high-yield investment capabilities
that CitiGroup Commercial offers affords a unique position in the market, enabling us to provide a full array of products and services to borrowers, mortgage
brokers and investors - creating value every step of the way.  Our agility, dedication and resources are unmatched - offering the best in service, execution and

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